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Want to sell in just 56 days? You’re in the right place.

You could sell faster than you think with the Modern Method of Auction.

Do things differently. Sell at auction.

Selling your house on the open market (also known as a private treaty sale in the world of estate agency) is the most common type of property sale but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always the right one for you. The Modern Method of Auction is different to the more traditional auction sale you picture being held in an auction room, but it still offers a quick and secure way of selling your property.

With the Modern Method, the auction takes place online, putting your property in front of a wide audience who can bid to secure the home and help secure a better price for your property.

Why choose us?

Thinking of selling at the Modern Method of Auction? Why not see what your property could sell for?

Sell your property 60% faster than on the open market...

There’s a fixed 56-day timescale with the Modern Method of Auction, compared to the average time to complete a sale on the open market which stands at over 150 days. In a sense, the Modern Method of Auction combines the speed and certainty of a traditional auction sale, with the marketing expertise of an expert local estate agent. It is now the first choice for many sellers and isn’t only for street-smart investors and property developers. You also have a 95% completion rate for Modern Method, compared with 70% for open market sales which is why it attracts all sorts of buyers and all sorts of property.

More than simply an estate agent...

More buyers, a better price

Your property will be promoted to a wide range of motivated buyers whose bidding often drives up the final selling price.

A secure reserve that you pick

The Reserve Price is the minimum sale price you are happy to accept, so you know your house will not sell below that value.

No estate agency commission

As the seller, you don’t have to pay a penny. Yes, really.

Want to buy or sell a property with the Modern Method of Auction?

Our auction experts are ready and waiting to talk through your questions and queries…

More than simply an estate agent...

No gazumping

The structure of the modern method of auctions means you can rest easy, knowing you won’t be gazumped.

24/7 bidding

You can bid for your house of choice, any day, any time. Sort of like Ebay, but for property.

Total transparency

No hidden fees or complicated processes here. You’ll get an auction pack up front so you’ll know everything about the property before you come to bid.

*Rightmove House Price Index June 2022
**From receipt of draft contracts. No agency fees with our modern method of auction, where the buyer pays the reservation fee. Please note the buyer may consider this within their total purchase amount.

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